Functional Nutrition

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused in the current world where there is an immense amount of easy to find and conflicting information about nutrition and lifestyle practices.

I can guide you through all the noise to create together the diet and lifestyle solutions unique to your needs so that you can live your best life.

We will do this by embarking together on an investigative journey into your health story, diet, lifestyle and overall health picture to uncover the roots of your signs and symptoms, whilist providing a safe space for you to share your story.

Throughout our work together, I will be offering you the appropiate tools at the right time and pace that will help your body regain its balance and vibrancy.

Functional Nutrition is the vehicle we will use for the journey.

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It is a practice based on three principles:

We are all beautifully unique: our bodies, experiences, lives, genes, mindset, stress levels, trauma, diagnosis etc. make us who we are. And because we are all unique, there is not one size fits all solution for our health needs.

The solution needs to be tailored made for each of us.

Everything we do everyday matters: it is not only about food. It is how we perceive stress, how we sleep, how we move, how we connect to others, how we show up in the world and, how we deal with external environmental challenges, like toxins and pesticide laden food. All those things and more affect our wellbeing, and they need to be taken into consideration.

Everything is connected: the different systems in our body do not work in isolation. They work in perfect synergy and they are in constant communication with each other. When we are impacting one system in our bodies, we can be sure we are impacting the body as a whole.

Functional Nutrition offers us a set of frameworks and assessment tools that will allow us to see the full picture of your health and life in order to map out the complete person’s situation and how to move onto the next level; step by step, through a systematic approach.

The most influential element of Functional Nutrition is education. I will provide you with a deep understanding of how your unique body works and we will get curious about the roots of your signs and symptoms while working on the foundation of your health. 

You will discover what practices and foods assist you in achieving your goals and which habits are not serving you anymore.

I would be honored to guide you on your exciting journey back to full health!